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  Hi, Welcome!   This is Chris Bianco; I am a solo, traveling troubadour.  I play acoustic-electric guitars and I sing a wealth of sweet original and popular music.   I offer stand-up live solo performances for Wedding & Engagement Celebrations; upscale dining and libations venues; and at very special private events of all sorts throughout the Western US, Canada, Hawaii, and occasionally other parts of the civilized world.   


   I perform a live variety show incorporating hundreds of folk/pop/rock favorites from several decades that everyone recognizes and loves (covering artists such as John Denver, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet.. and so many more).   I also generously sprinkle in choice selections from my own fourteen original albums: Wedding Party, Sails,  Beaches, Solo Sailor,  Triple Creek,  Natural Causes,  In Montana, The Wine Album, The Saga of Shipwreck Key, Blue Waters Call,  Riding On A Rainbow, Reflections,  In The Mountains, and Earth Home

  I am self-contained & versatile; freelance & independent; and I will travel the civilized world to play & sing for your event...just ask.   Please feel invited to contact me directly, or visit my GigmasterWedding WireGig TownGig Salad, or Yelp booking services to inquire regarding bookings and availability.   I'd love to play for your very special event, and I hope to hear from you sometime.  Many Thanks!   - Chris



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