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Wedding Party - It's "Fancy, Dancy, and Romancy" wedding, engagement & proposal party music. Purpose-built to fall in love, pop the question, and tie the knot to.  Fellows, better be careful - this is Big Medicine, and you'd better know what you want and mean serious business when you put this one on.  Ladies, in - or looking for - Love ... this is for you babe - because you deserve to be romanced.
Regular people's pre-release feedback and commentary:
    - "The best music to come down the wedding aisle in a long time"
    - "Destined to be wedding standards & classics"
    - "New-world retro-romance music made like they used to

          when they wrote them by hand, and sung them by heart"
    - "Crooning, new old-school style....like Bing with a beat!"
    - "Delicious ear-candy with a tasty nougat middle!"
Available now as a physical CD with a satin album cover, or as downloads or streams from most everywhere quality independent music is offered all across the web and all across the globe.
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