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     So Happy to be back performing at TCR again in 2018!


I am very pleased to announce that I was once AGAIN chosen to be the house musician at one of the top three ranked resorts in the WORLD” (Legendary Triple Creek Ranch, a small resort in the Bitterroot Mountain range of the Rockies, has been named the “World's Best Boutique Hotel” in the Travel & Leisure 2016 World's Best Awards)!   I perform acoustic dinner shows EVERY Sunday evening all summer long (May through October) in the intimate main lodge log-dining room exclusively for guests of TCR.   This is a fabulous gig, in a very fine venue, located in a picture-perfect mountain setting…there just is no better.  



    ... Elated to be performing at the Stock Farm Club too!


Once again I bask in elation over the honor of having been chosen to perform in the exclusive Stock Farm Club at the former Charles Schwab resort in the Sapphire Mountains of Western Montana.  This marks my fifth year running being so honored, and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the members and staff for inviting me back for the 2018 summer season.   



                      ... Which means I have once again been pre-booked for the ENTIRE SUMMER SEASON  from May - October !


   I am so fortunate to have been offered these two extraordinary opportunities to perform regularly in two of the finest resort venues IN THE WORLD

Both of these exclusive resorts are located in some of the Rocky Mountains most stunning areas:  Western Montana's Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains.   I will remain available for weddings, commercial venues, and other private events as my performance schedule at these resorts permits.  Please check the EVENTS page for my schedule.  I invite direct inquiries (please refer to my CONTACT page), and I also employ several booking services that may be used to book an event:  please refer to any of the logo-links below to visit my GigMasters, Wedding Wire, Gig Town, Gig Salad, Yelp, or Reverb Nation pages. 


I am pre-booking events now for the Fall and Winter 2018 (and also out into 2019) for West Coast USA locations (other areas by special arrangement).