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The Earthan Workshops
and Christopher Mario Bianco are
announcing the availability
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On offer are 100% of the publishing rights  for all orignal songs on all fourteen of  CMB's albums; as well as all of the rights to the original sound recordings, including the original demo master recordings and all studio tracks. (The author  retains 100% of the writer's rights).   Complete copies of the original CMB scores will be provided.   We are also including a 2-year author consulting option for future production consultation, and participation in marketing & promotional campaigns.                  


Opening bid... TWO MILLION US Dollars ($2,000,000)            Address inquiries to  Christopher Bianco: 


Bidding to be conducted via E-BAY at ...(coming soon)


Catalog offered as a complete package (not piecemeal) includes:

       94     Registered Copyrights,

       119   Individual Songs,

       151   Sound Recordings, 

       1       Musical Theatrical


INDEX of all 14 albums, the Musical, and all songs   




Serious inquiries only please...  anything iffy will simply be ignored 
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Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
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