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Catalog of Christopher Mario Bianco

Publishers Rights FOR SALE 
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A Journey In The Spring:   Musical Theatrical


        Chapter 1:                                       Chapter 2:                                   Chapter 3:                               Chapter 4:                              Chapter 5:  

      The Journey                                  Grandfather                              Mother Earth                    Sweet Harmony                        The Learning

Where the Wildflowers Grow                                  Fresh Mountain Air                                           Me and Mother Nature                                            Songbird                                                                Earth Home

  A Journey In The Spring                             Grandfather of the Wilderlands                                    Mother's Hill                                                 Listen to My Song

        In The Mountains                                             On A Windy Winter Night                                     Sweet Mother Earth                                         Sweet Harmony

          Meadows Found                                                  Singing In My Dreaming                                          Mother Sings                                              One Wonderful Song





A Journey In The Spring:   Is an unpublished musical/theatrical/story/play 

describing a young boys adventure with his dog into the larger world outside his window.  Along the way he meets various characters representing a few  metaphoric aspects of nature (Grandfather of the Wilderlands, Sweet Harmony,  Mother Nature...) and discovers a larger awareness of the natural environment and his place within it.    


Includes the original overall copyright to the entire work;  including the eighteen original songs the theatrical storyline, and the original sound recording.   Also includes two additional separate copyrights for two of the eighteen songs covered in the original copyright.  Includes copies of the original hardcopy compilation; the original cover artwork, and original sound recordings.


Not available digitally on-line anywhere.