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   I am busy now redesigning, re-outfitting, upgrading, and refining my new studio on the Central Coast.   I am incorporating new instruments; like a new electronic drum kit to increase the percussion presence, and a new hybrid classical guitar  to explore some softer touches and subtler nuances.   I am upgrading the mix & mastering software to improve the equalization and sound.   And I am in the process of conceptualizing and finalizing the recording plan and track layout for the next album, which is going to be a compilation album called the Best of Sailorsong.  I will be drawing upon the Sails, Beaches, Blue Waters Call, Solo Sailor, and Shipwreck Key albums for select material.  Then completely reworking the existing tracks, plus adding more (particularly percussion and bass) in an effort to do the songs better justice.


  I remain available for weddings, commercial venues, and other private events.  Please check the EVENTS page for my schedule.  I invite direct inquiries (please refer to my CONTACT page), and I also employ several booking services that may be used to book an event:  please refer to any of the logo-links below to visit my GigMasters, Wedding Wire, Gig Town, Gig Salad, Yelp, or Reverb Nation pages. 


I am booking events now for the Fall and Winter 2018 (and out into mid 2019) for West Coast USA locations (other areas by special arrangement). 





     Notes of Note

 I'd like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Barretts, staff, and friends of the world-class Triple Creek Ranch up in the Montana Bitterroots for FIVE fabulous years as their house musician.  I will always have a deep appreciation for your generosity, and a very warm place in my heart where the memories we made will live.  So many, many thanks to you. 

 I've completed the permanent relocation of my home-studio back to the Central California Coast region.   Working now on re-establishing a few favorite  venue relationships, and linking up with some dear old friends again.    For the near term I am performing out casually and occasionally in select venues,  while I work to join the flow of the Central California Coast WEDDING PARTY MUSIC scene.    

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