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   Ahoy fellow SEA & BEACH LOVERS!   Being a humble Child of the Sea I weep when I see the pollution and despoiling of our mother, I'm sure you do too.   We all do what we can to help with the clean-up, and that's good.  But I think our longer-reach solution will lay in nurturing a heightened sense of belonging and affection for the Ocean among our  youth, and all who may lack an intimate relationship with Her.   To this end I created my "Nautical & Coastal Music & Dreams"  and produced two new SAILORSONG MOVIES (Ahoy & Best).    Created & Crafted with my own hands, all by myself, like a musical scrimshaw bone you can see & hear right on your phone.   They are available now for streeming or download from Vimeo on-demand, or as good old-fashioned DVDs (in cool cases) directly from Amazon:  visit                                                             to preview both of the trailers and find links to bring reeel them in however you like.


  I remain available for live engagements at select fine dining and libation venues, some wedding celebrations, and other private events of special note.  Please check the EVENTS page for my schedule.  I invite direct inquiries (please refer to my CONTACT page), and I also employ several booking services that may be used to book an event:  please refer to any of the logo-links below to visit my                      , Wedding Wire or Reverb Nation pages. 


I am booking events now for 2020-21 for West Coast USA locations (extraordinary circumstances permitting, other locations by special arrangement). 





     Notes of Note

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NEW! "CALIFORNIA ANTHEM" from the Sailorsong's BEST Movie.
I'm offering this one up for FREE viewing so the world will know that CALIFORNIA NEVER STOPPED BEING GREAT !
I Still have a very few of the 4" bumper stickers and thick bar coasters sporting the SAILORSONG label graphic remaining. These were mostly distributed to the new friends I made during my Australian promotional tour last September. If you've got one, hang on to it - There are only a few hundred in existence. If you want one, just ask!
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