Chris Bianco strums guitar as deep as the Big Montana Sky and sings deliciously sweet poetry for all the Wilderness, the Earth, and the nature-lover's deep-green heart to hear. Triple Creek contains a wealth of sweet acoustic "Natural Folk” music that celebrates the living Earth and pays homage to the Spirit of the Wilderness, and the wilder senses that still manage to rise up within us when we awaken of a crisp mountain morning somewhere deep within some primal-green place in the forest - in the mountains - or perhaps just in our dreams... Triple Creek is an echo of the song of the mountains and the rustle of a gentle breeze through the forest; it is the soulful call of the deep wild; and it harmonizes human voice with animal skins, bones, and guitar strings reflecting back the living song of the Earth’s wilder places and inhabitants. Musical ambrosia for all of us lovers of wilder songs from wilder places. AMAZON REVIEWER
“Bianco’s devotion to all things wild leads him to write and sing about the peace and enjoyment nature lends the human soul... There’s a lot more. Bianco, through his gentle music, encourages us to stop, listen and absorb with all our senses the wildness that we Montanans take for granted.” - The Lively Times, Mariss McTucker, May 2014 (read the review)
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EPIC! Professional, enthusiastic, kind, accommodating, versatile, extremely personal and without question one of the MOST TALENTED entertainers I have had the pleasure to work with. Thank you, Chris! Since 1985, my career has been multifaceted but I have always been in the entertainment world, travel & leisure. I have produced and hosted venues with thousands of people attending so when I tell you, HIRE Chris for your next event, rest assured the entertainment and music of all genres is taken care of. - Colleen 2017
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